Nov 17, 2023 - Nov 19, 2023

Workshop (R) - Pranayama Intensive

3 Day Residential Pranayama Intensive Workshop

Deepen Your Pranayama Practice: An immersive journey into the essence of breath, guided by tradition and passion.

Connect, reflect, and transform over three enriching days at Madanapalle Ashram

Journey Through Breath

Deepen your pranayama practice. Over three enriching days, experience the deeper aspects of controlled breath, moving beyond surface-level knowledge to profound, tangible connections.

Under the guidance of our dedicated instructors, the workshop unfolds the layers of Pranayama, from its foundational techniques to its more nuanced practices. Each day offers a blend of instruction, hands-on practice, and introspective reflection. This isn't about ephemeral promises; it's about grounding oneself in an age-old tradition that resonates even today.

In our intimate group setting, every question is valued, every experience shared.

Join us and deepen your understanding of breath's pivotal role in well-being and balance.

Course Information

Course Mode: Residential, The Satsang Foundation Campus, Madanapalle
Course Duration: 3 days
Course Size:Up to 15 participants
Course Fee: ₹ 8,000 / US$ 120 (for people living outside India)
Course Days:Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Course Timings:6:30am to 6:30pm
Age Eligibility:22 to 80 years
Course Dates: Nov 17, 2023 (Arrival by 12:00pm) to Nov 19, 2023 (Departure by 08:30am)
Medium of communication:English