Mar 05, 2024 - Aug 31, 2024

Uttama Yoga Abhyasa

Advanced Yoga Abhyasa | March | Morning Batch

Days : Tue-Thu-Sat | 6 AM to 7.30AM (IST)

Progress in 'Advanced Yoga Abhyasa', a journey into deeper asana, refined pranayama, and immersive meditation. Perfect for seasoned practitioners to enhance and elevate their practice. 

Instructor : Mr. Vivek Rengaraj

Advance with 'Yoga Abhyasa': Intensify your practice with challenging postures, powerful breathing techniques, and deeper meditation in our 1.5-hour online sessions. Designed for those ready to take their yoga to the next level, our course invites you into a community of dedicated yogis. 
Key Takeaways  :

"Asana Mastery" - Hone advanced yoga techniques. 
"Breath & Focus" - Unlock the power of breath for clarity. 
"Meditative Depth" - Explore profound meditation practices. 
Cancellation Policy 
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Course Information

Course Mode: Online class via Zoom
Course Duration: 12 days
Course Size:Up to 30 participants
Course Fee:

Monthly Fee: ₹ 3,500 / US$ 105 (for people living outside India)

3 Month Fee: ₹ 9,000 / US$ 271 (for people living outside India)

6 Month Fee: ₹ 17,500 / US$ 527 (for people living outside India)
Course Days:Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Course Timings:IST 6 AM to 7.30 AM
Course Dates: Mar 05, 2024 to Aug 31, 2024
Medium of communication:English